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Make your bespoke home an energy secure home

The Aston Homes team has proven expertise, knowledge and experience of creating both traditional, energy secure and desirable homes for our clients. And we’ll be delighted to work in partnership with you, guide you and help you decide what are the right sustainable solutions for your dream home, lifestyle and budget.

Putting the energy secure foundations in place

We begin by designing and constructing with three essential elements in place, which deliver the kind of energy efficiency levels a sustainable home demands. These are:

  • The air tightness of the building
  • The thermal mass of the building
  • The insulation of the building

A world of choice to help save the environment

Beyond the energy efficient fundamentals, there are a selection of sustainable housing options available to you. These range from relatively simple design choices, like maximising solar gain by positioning your home (and its windows) correctly and harvesting rain and grey water for re-use, to utilising a whole host of technologies, including:

  • Panels
  • Solar panels
  • Air and ground source heat pumps
  • Heat recovery

For a more detailed explanation and further information and on any of these topics, click here.

Planning for tomorrow today

Aston Homes aim to build homes that have a minimal energy requirement, thereby making the homes energy efficient and sustainable.

Ultimately, it’s all about balancing your needs, lifestyle and budgets with a responsibility to the environment. It’s also important to remember that the more you invest in sustainability and renewable energy technologies for your bespoke home, the more you’ll save on your gas, electricity and water bills going forward.

Whatever you decide, we’re here to offer you expert help, guidance and advice at every step.

So for a no obligation, confidential discussion regarding building your energy secure bespoke home, please call us on 01494 474 777 or make an enquiry.