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We make building your own home make sense

Having an utterly unique home - one that has been designed and built to meet their own exacting requirements - is the ‘dream’ of many people.

However, it can be a complex, stressful, time consuming process. One where the possible pitfalls are many and any mistakes expensive to rectify.

So let us help you cut through the confusion

We have a proven and demonstrable track record of helping people to live their dream. Our bespoke homes service is comprehensive and ranges from finding the land and designing the home to your specification to organising planning permission and constructing the property.

And, if you want, we can help you create a beautiful home that minimises your use of natural resources and maximises your self-sufficiency, helping you to save energy and money while reducing your impact on the environment.

Our bespoke homes service enables you to enjoy all the pleasure of building your dream home while eliminating all the usual pain.

So for a no obligation, confidential discussion regarding building your bespoke home, please call us on 01494 474 777 or make an enquiry.