Welcome to our new website

After months of hard work and deliberation our new website is now finally complete!

At Aston Homes we are committed to creating a sustainable way of life through the homes that we build. Whilst we work towards the Zero Carbon requirements for 2016 we appreciate that this is a journey and there are many lessons to be learned and new technologies to be embraced, whilst still being mindful of the additional costs this implies for our end customers. Our aim is to start taking steps towards these requirements by building homes using traditional methods, and a set of basic sustainable principles, such as thermal mass, insulation, and air tightness.

Working on our website with our marketing company GMH Marketing has been a journey and experience for us, a pleasant one we have to say. We hope that you will find our new website interesting and informative. If you have any feedback which you think may be of benefit to us, we would love to hear from you.

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